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Sam Hill Coffee Co. started on July 4th, 2015 by Davy Allin with nothing more than a bag of beans, some matches and this unbridled desire to not just find the American Dream but to set it on fire and use its light to reignite the spark in the broken and downtrodden, the ignored and the ostracized, the outlaw and the misfit, or as Allin calls it, the "Orphans of Uncle Sam."

In the beginning it was cast iron over an open fire. And already known as a wild risk taker and with a solid history of off-the-wall ideas, a neighbor spotted Davy one night roasting under a full moon, hunched over his cast iron cauldron like a mad wizard and shouted, "What in the Sam Hill are ya doing now?"   

Unable to get any advice (or to be taken serious, for that matter) by any of the local roasters, Allin dived headfirst into the research; the different coffees of the world, the shades, the timing, test after test ensued and many (many!) failures and after lots of smoke inhalation and evenings of nearly indigestible cupping, he taught himself the art of the roast.

Naturally bleeding a do-it-yourself attitude he designed his logo, his line, he fulfilled every order and even hand-stamped every bag. He made his way into flea markets, fall festivals, any event he could. Soon word got out, the story about an angry aging punk roasting coffee out of a barn to take care of his family. Sam Hill quickly attracted a loyal cult following. It became (and still is!) the town of Clarion's best kept secret. 

With every batch and every hustle, coffee became more to him then a silly morning joke or lame office necessity, it was a tool. A deeply powerful ritual that could be used as a starting point for radical self exploration. Even the name "Sam Hill," a euphemism for the devil himself, suddenly meant more to him. Abandon the traditions you were taught, the culture, the path to the mythical American dream that's beaten in you as a child. Question all of this. Rebel. Go "Sam Hill."